Thankful for “The Village”

Last week I had a chance to spend five days away, and oh how needed it was.  In my last post, I was feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and discouraged with the the adoption process, with the many interactions with people involved in the care and education of my children, and with the lack of support and understanding from those who I expected it from the most.

My five days away brought me back personally refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the tasks ahead, but also gave me a new perspective on just what a mighty village we have supporting us.  The adoption process as well as the everyday parenting of medically fragile children has brought many surprises in relationships that have faltered and in new relationships that have been gained.  Our lifestyle is not one many choose and we have encountered much judgement, both positive and negative, for the path we’ve chosen to follow.

I spent my time away with a group of other women who’ve also chosen the road less traveled.  Their stories are inspiring, heartbreaking, terrifying, and amazing.  We all have one extra special thing in common.  We all love Jesus.  I cannot imagine making this choice, taking this path, living this life without Him.  It is too hard, too sad, too scary, and often too lonely.  But with Him and with those who share the same desire to serve, I find Hope and Strength and Love.

The Village that I have is a surprising one.  It doesn’t look how I thought it would and its not composed of whom I thought it would be.  But it is a mighty village.  The village got things done this week while I took a break to rest and regroup, granting us some exciting progress!

We finally received a finalized home study that has been approved by the state!  With that approval, our adoption agency also gave us an unexpected $1500 grant!  How exciting!  In addition to the $1000 gift we received from a friend last week, this means our $4000+ bill that we received just last week is already down to just over $1700.  If this is not miraculous to you, I don’t know what is!

This means the adoption roller coaster will really start moving now! We get to begin our USCIS approvals and fingerprints as well as submitting our dossier to China!  Besides these immediate gifts, we’ve also watched our  Reece’s Rainbow Family Sponsorship account go from just $119 to over $600 just this week!  To put some real perspective on things, it has been just 4 short months since we committed to Willow and we are over 50% funded!  Isn’t that amazing?!  Over $21,000!  Most of these funds will not be received until travel so sometimes we struggle to meet current short term funding deadlines, but we are blessed by the amazing provision we’ve already seen to bring this precious girl home to our family!

Thank you for supporting us and loving us!  Please join our Facebook group to participate in our adoption journey!