Who We Are

I am Joslynn, wife to Jason and mother of 4.  Our oldest and only son, Steven, was 12 when we moved overseas and our lives were changed forever.  Our journey to adoption began with the opportunity to foster our first daughter while living in China and volunteering in the orphanages.  Our eyes were opened and our hearts stirred.  We know that we have been called to a road less traveled, to adopt and to advocate for those who have no one else.  We love Jesus and it is our mission to serve His calling on our lives.  It is not always easy and we have stumbled many times, but we are thankful that He has adopted us into His forever family, and we want to give the same hope to others.  We are currently beginning our 3rd adoption from China for a 12 year old girl we have named Willow.

This blog is about our family, our continued advocacy for our daughters’ needs now that they are home, our adoption journeys, and to speak for those who yet have no voice.

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