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China’s Fruit Goodness

While I tried to make it a regular habit to include fruit in my diet in America, it admittedly didn’t happen as much as it should have.  To be honest, there weren’t many fruits that I really enjoyed.  They were

Lifestyle of an American in China

Our earning potential is often a driving factor in our pursuits. Many of us spend our lives in jobs we do not necessarily enjoy simply because if its compensation, theoretically overriding the disdain we endure in its daily accomplishment. Those

China’s Split-Bottom Pants: Environment, Economics, or Ease?

The famed image of toddlers’ bare bottoms waddling around China is one I won’t soon forget.  Upon first arriving in China, I’ll admit that it was instinctual to retract in disgust, only later giving way to a quick reach for

The Best Beach Holiday in China

While all of my friends and fellow teachers made winter holiday plans to return to their home countries or travel around Southeast Asia, I had a more limited scope with which to make plans.  While fostering our beautiful daughter, a

The Price is Always Negotiable

While visiting Yangshuo 阳朔 this week, we saw many beautiful sites, both natural and manmade.  We have not yet explored much of China, but this is the prettiest place I’ve seen so far.  Though Chinese, the feel of the town

Nǎinai 奶奶

We are blessed to have good friends here at Peizheng whom we can call on to help us when we need it.  Before accepting the opportunity to foster Laila, it was important to make sure all the logistics were manageable.