I live in the south and I love so many of the beautiful trees and flowers that grow here.  Not only are the plants and flower amazing, but their names are as More »

Teaching China’s Worrywarts

Teaching China’s Worrywarts

This week I was honored with an invitation to do a guest post for my fellow ESL teacher and blogger…Check it out!  Don’t forget to click the “follow” button on my page More »

Lifestyle of an American in China

Lifestyle of an American in China

Our earning potential is often a driving factor in our pursuits. Many of us spend our lives in jobs we do not necessarily enjoy simply because if its compensation, theoretically overriding the More »


There’s a King-size Bed in my Living Room

I’ve said it a million times since arriving home 3 years ago.  China changed me.  EVERYTHING about me.  My faith, my family, my view on almost every subject under the sun, most especially my view on our purpose in this

Daddy’s Girl

When I met Laila,  I didn’t “know” from the instant I met her that she’d be our daughter.  But I did know that I felt something special for her.  It didn’t take long for me to begin dreaming about her,

Thankful for “The Village”

Last week I had a chance to spend five days away, and oh how needed it was.  In my last post, I was feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and discouraged with the the adoption process, with the many interactions with people involved

Great is Thy Faithfulness

We’re still waiting for our finalized homestudy, but in the meantime, I am trying to “look forward” to the next steps and begin preparing what’s needed.  After the homestudy, we have to submit I-800 “Petition to Classify Adoptee as an


I live in the south and I love so many of the beautiful trees and flowers that grow here.  Not only are the plants and flower amazing, but their names are as well.  Magnolia, Camellia, Clementine, Rose, Lily, Azalea, …

China’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity

While America’s middle class continues to deteriorate, China’s middle-class is on the rise. It’s been interesting to experience first hand a very hands-off government system in a place that claims the title of socialism , where in America, we supposedly

My Love/Hate Relationship with China’s Transportation

There are 1.3 BILLION people in China.  Personal cars are a fairly recent addition to China’s roads, and thankfully so! Even with the government-limited issuance of license plates through a monthly lottery, the roads are already congested with their inability

China’s Orphans: Making a Difference Through Advocacy and Fostering

In recent years, China has begun to open its hearts and minds about adopting their own orphaned children as well as more often keeping children with disabilities. Increased education and higher disposable income have provided these positive changes. In China, there

Living in China: The Rules

The shock that arises from moving to a new country comes in many forms: attempting to understanding its people, getting accustomed to its building and amenities, accepting the environmental quality, and embracing its food, traditions, and habits. Some of the

China’s Fruit Goodness

While I tried to make it a regular habit to include fruit in my diet in America, it admittedly didn’t happen as much as it should have.  To be honest, there weren’t many fruits that I really enjoyed.  They were